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Here are answers to frequently asked questions. To see the answer, click on the question. To hide the answer, click on the appropriate question again.

Who are we?

Letson is a certified content and YouTube partner channel aggregator. It means our team are experts at promoting, producing, and optimizing videos in the web space. We are experienced enough to create content of any complexity – from a video blog to talk-shows or series.

What are our priority tasks?

We are looking for talented people. Our primary activity is producing and creating video projects. It means we take all the steps of creating videos upon ourselves: develop an idea, write a script, and participate in video recording management. We are also ready to take responsibility for postproduction and placing the videos on the largest world internet sites.

What do we offer?

Start earning in your YouTube channel. By joining the partner program you would get monthly revenue. If videos on your channel has not great amount of views we offer 75% of the total channel revenue. If your channel has more than 50 million views a month (and its content is unique), we can offer up to 90% of the total revenue. Nevertheless, in every unique case this percentage can vary. The revenue share is discussed privatly between the channel's owner and his/her personal manager. By the way, the percent of share can be changed during the partnership. In every case the revenue share of a channel with it's owner may vary, it is discussed on an individual basis. You will get a personal manager, who will work only with you.

Why should you want to connect to YouTube partner program?

By joining the Letson partner program you will get wonderful opportunities of a premium account. Your video will be distinguished among the competitors who do not participate in this program. You will be able to:

  • Get expert advice any time. We help our partners with any questions: channel settings, promotion, optimization, YouTube partner program activity.
  • Get protection of your content. Program participants get protection by copyright. Your video will be unique in the whole YouTube channel. Nobody can steal it to their channel. And if they can, they are going to answer in law (by the way, we can help you with these issues as well).
  • Learn from others. You can attend all the YouTube conferences and trainings where beginners and experienced bloggers are trained. You can meet famous YouTube bloggers and share experience of popular content creation.

Most significantly, you can EARN, and in particular:

  • Cash you video content in and start getting revenue from Google advertising campaigns.
  • Get monthly revenue from the partner program in any way convenient to you (PayPal, Webmoney, Qiwi, Visa, MasterCard).
  • Keep an eye on your revenue. We provide access to detailed statistics of your channel: you can see the number and the geography of views, the audience, as well as the advertising revenue amount.

What are the terms of joining the program?

  • You are not participating in the partner program through any other agent.
  • You do not infringe a copyright.
  • The channel video does not break the law.
  • Your channel’s content is of current interest, audacious and it attracts viewers.
  • Number of subscribers at least 1000.
  • The average channel attendance is more than 1000 views per day.
If you answered Yes to all of the questions above, and you have checked the YouTube community guidelines, it is high time for you to fill in the application and start earning in your channel.

How to earn in videos?

You start earning just after joining the YouTube partner program. After that you can monetize your videos which had been on your channel even before you joined the program. Also you can enable monetization which will be activated automatically when you add new videos.

How much can I earn for 1000 views?

There is no exact figure. The amount of money received for 1000 views does not depend on us. YouTube calculates your revenue amount not by the number of views. Your channel’s revenue depends on other parameters. The more advertisers there are on YouTube in general, the more revenue get the cashed videos (not only yours, but all of them). Besides, it also depends on common advertising prices worldwide, as well as the geography of your channel’s views. So you will earn more from views from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the USA, Canada, Australia or China, than from views from Russia.

How can I earn 10% of the revenue of your company? About the referral program.

A referral program is another way to earn engaging other users (referrals) to the partner program. It is a stable source of income. The more people you engage, the more you earn. This option is accessible only for those, who are already at YouTube partner network.

This is how it works. You get a so called referral link which associates new right owners to you in a discreet way. If after using your link the user gets interested in the program and signs an agreement with us, you will receive monthly revenue from this user. Your revenue will equal 10% of our revenue from this user. That is in fact you receive a part of our company’s revenue. You can simply place your referral link on a public site visited by people interested in monetizing their videos.

Why are ads shown more than once when viewing some videos?

It happens when a video is longer than 15 minutes. In this case the interval of ads can be set up manually.

How do you pay the money I earn?

Choose any payment system and receive your monthly payments there.

We can offer individual payment methods to our large partners (upon agreement).

Can I entrust my channel’s statistics to you?

Certainly. Information received from you is used only for evaluating general YouTube channel statistics. All the data is kept anonymously. We shall not give it to any third party without your agreement.

I’m already a participant of the partner program. What can I get from the Letson website?

The users of this website are individuals (YouTube video right owners or representatives of their organizations). The website is used for the right owners authentication, providing them with the YouTube billing statistics, making payments, giving advice, and planning video placements on YouTube using the advertising and paid methods. Moreover, the users of this website get access to the referral program (engaging video right owners for rewards), which is accessible only for YouTube partners.

After authorization on this website, in the upper right corner you can see big buttons “Account”, “Reports”, “Help” – the website sections. In the left upper corner you can see tabs which depend on the selected section. If you have found an error in the website or you wish to change the payment methods, payment details, or YouTube channels, go to the “Support” tab in the Account section. In the Account section you can change your login details, write a message to the manager. In the "YouTube-reports" section you can get a report for any month in the Excel format for all your videos within the YouTube advertising model.

How can I quit the partner program?

If you have joined the program though us, then not less than one month before you want to quit you should notify our managers. When you join the program we agree upon all the terms with you and then sign the agreement. The termination is performed according to the terms indicated in your agreement.

If you have joined the program not though us, please contact your aggregator for the termination terms.

I have not found an answer to my question. What can I do?

In the lower left corner of the site specified our phone number, working hours and our address. If you want a verbal communication, then call us and we will answer all your questions. If you want a live communication, come to our office. We are always glad to see you.

Letson corporation Limited
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