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Letson is an official aggregator of media content and YouTube channels. We would like to offer the YouTube partner program to you. The company's specialists are professionals in the field of a promotion, optimization and production of video content on YouTube and in the Internet in general.

Why join the YouTube partner program?

  • Additional earnings on advertising campaigns conducted by Google and YouTube on your channel.
  • Monthly payment of income - convenient way for you - including via electronic payment systems, eg, PayPal, Webmoney, Qiwi, Visa, MasterCard.
  • Adding a custom picture to all video loaded on your YouTube channels.
  • Free and unlimited use of the music from our music library on your YouTube channel.
  • Statement of copyright and the protection of your video content against plagiarism.
  • Detailed online statistics for your channels, including data on the advertising revenue.
  • Stable monthly remuneration will be paid for the referrals which has been attracted to the program.
  • We provide assistance in all matters relating to the setting of YouTube channel, promotion, optimization, monetization and analytics.

What are the conditions of connection?

If traffic to your YouTube channel low, then we are ready to offer you a salary equal to 75% of total revenue channel on YouTube. For channels with a huge attendance (more than 50 million views per month) and their own unique video content, we are ready to increase the earnings of up to 90% of the total income of such a channel on YouTube. In all cases, the interest rate is discussed individually with our manager and it will be specified in a contract.

Pay attention! You cannot to connect your YouTube channel through us to the YouTube partner program, if you are currently connected through an other channel aggregator. You can check a monetization status of the channel here. Moreover, we refuse to connect the channels with low attendance, where for the last week the average attendance is less than 3000 video views per day. Other YouTube channels will be connected to the discretion of our managers. Positive decision depends on the number of videos which you are a copyright holder and its content is not contrary to the laws of those countries whose audience it is available for viewing.

To consider your application for joining the partner program, we need to know your e-mail address and the statistics of your YouTube channels (total number of subscribers, views and videos). To do this you will need to сlick here and sign under the Google account with your YouTube channel and let our site temporary access to the relevant information. All of these personal data will be stored in our depersonalized internal database for not more than 30 days. Only our employees will get access to it, and all data except e-mail will be deleted after making a decision on a possible partnership. By doing so, you confirm that you have read our privacy policy and Google privacy policy as well as agreeing to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service. You can revoke access to your channel's statistics on your Google account security page.

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