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Your success is our goal

Is your channel already popular on YouTube? We will help you start making money with it! With Letson you can easily monetize it as well as gain a premium partner status.

You still don’t have your channel, but you want to open one, don’t you? We will help you to register a channel, join the partner program, upload videos to the channel, monetize them, and of course start its promotion.

We have helped thousands of channels and right holders become recognizable.

People trust us

Letson is an official aggregator of the YouTube content. We have the "YouTube Certified” status. It means that the experts from our team know everything about making your channel the most popular. By the way, we are ready to share this knowledge with you!

Do you need any advice? Our first-class experts are ready to help you to develop your channel.

More opportunities for your channel

Joining Letson partner program, you will get advanced settings of your channel and ad demonstration. Every month we pay up to 85% of the revenue from the YouTube and Google advertising campaigns.

We have nothing to hide

We create a personal account for all our partners. You get access to all the detailed statistics of the channel and its revenues.

We can help you resolve any issues

Has someone re uploaded your video? Has your video stopped being shown? You may not worry about that. We can help you resolve any technical or legal issues related to the functioning of your channel or the YouTube service.

New acquaintances and sharing experience

All our partners have an opportunity to attend events organized by YouTube. You can participate in conferences and workshops, learn skills from famous bloggers and get new acquaintances.

Receive up to 10% of the company share

Thanks to the Letson partner program you can increase your revenue. Enlist people in our partner program and we will pay you up to 10% of the company’s share from every channel.

Do you have an out-of-the-box thinking? We want to see the world through your eyes! Do you have fresh ideas? We want to hear them! Are you not like anyone else? You are the one we are looking for!

Contact us.

Letson corporation Limited
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 FAX: +971(4) 565-1670